Is Listeria a constant worry? Are molds, yeasts or fungus a concern for you? Is Ethylene limiting how long you can store products?  How much confidence do you have in your current environmental monitoring program?  How do you impact food safety between sanitation cycles?  Would you like a safer, less expensive alternative to fogging?

TriStrata’s atmospheric ozone systems provide a safe, continuously effective means of limiting cross-contamination and reducing pathogens, molds and yeasts.  Ozone penetrates, collapses and destroys the cell walls of micro-organisms—on food, on surfaces and in the air.  

Ozone is generated onsite and dispersed throughout rooms by fan or through ventilation systems.  Precise, low levels of ozone, are used during production.  Remediation treatments can be automatically programmed when areas are uninhabited for over 4 hours.   

  • Continuously control airborne and surface microorganism

  • Reduce cross contamination

  • Extend shelf life

  • Increase pack-out and reduce customer credits

  • Disinfect high-risk or hard to reach areas that cannot be sprayed down regularly

  • Reduce odors

  • Meet “Organic” or “Made with Organic Ingredients” labeling requirements

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Meeting your food safety goals requires a deep understanding of variables, our expert team, specifically trained in gaseous ozone applications can conduct a site evaluation to determine how we can address your food safety needs.

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