TriStrata's atmospheric ozone systems are the most effective and thorough continuous food safety option for cold storage facilities.

  • Defend against fungus

  • Knock down ethylene to extend shelf life

  • Reduce decay organisms and pathogenic bacteria

Successful installations depend on a myriad of factors, including what you’re storing, where you’re storing it and for how long. Meeting your goals requires a deep understanding of all the variables. TriStrata’s expert team, specifically trained in ozone applications in cold storage facilities, can conduct a site evaluation to determine how to best address your food safety needs.

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Cold Storage

TriStrata’s ozone generators and distribution systems are backed by service and support you can count on. Our dedicated field service team keeps you operational with maintenance and repair supported by a 24/7 service hotline. Our proprietary remote monitoring system proactively addresses irregularities, sends alerts, and supports FSMA compliance reporting.

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