Born From a Solution

In 2000, Dr. Jim Brandt, a physician, began researching environmentally friendly methods to treat well water at his family home. After learning about the effectiveness and benefits of ozone to treat drinking water, Dr. Brandt vowed to explore and expand ozone’s food safety benefits commercially to other food and beverage applications. The idea for what is now TriStrata Group was born.

Improving Tomorrow, Today

We engineer, build and implement ozone generators and application delivery systems designed to improve the performance for food processors, distributors and storage facilities. Our powerful and environmentally friendly systems improve food safety and reduce foods waste without the health risks and environmental issues associated with conventional chemicals. We help protect your products, your employees, your customers, your brand. The future of food safety is ozone. TriStrata can take you there.

Proud Member of the Wheatsheaf Group

Wheatsheaf Group directly operates, invests in and helps to develop businesses in the food and agriculture sectors. Through the activities of over 2,500 people across 34 countries and the development of innovative technologies, Wheatsheaf aims to contribute enduring solutions to improve efficiency in the production of healthy and nutritious food to meet the food requirements borne out of the increasing demands of a changing global population.

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